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Personnel policy

It is aimed at creating conditions for increasing the
cost of human capital throughout the KMG group.

Implementation of the Personnel policy is based on the following HR initiatives:

Development of the corporate culture and improvement of the managers’ skills
Improving the quality of the staff, taking into account the needs of the business
Unification and efficiency improvement of the HR function
Achievement of positive levels of engagement and social stability
Implementation of a
comprehensive talent management
system from hiring
to succession and
remuneration management
Results of the survey of the Center for Social Interaction and Communications JSC «Samruk-Kazyna» in 2021
The HR policy concept relies on the following key principles:

1. Balance between the interests of employees and the Company

2. Unified personnel policy for the entire KMG Group

3. Shifting the administrative supporting role of HR to a strategic one for business

4. Creating added value for business

5. Optimal organizational structure and number of employees

6. Planning the number of personnel based on business needs and labor market conditions

7. Continuous improvement of the training and advanced training programs

8. Creation of a self-learning organization based on

the 70-20-10 model

9. Managers’ responsibility for human resources management

10. Establishment of a culture of employee engagement in the collective achievement of the strategic goals

11. Creation of conditions for employee motivation

12. Preventing law violations

Our People

The KMG Group employs more than 47 thousand people in the regions of operation.


Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible company, KMG implements internal socially oriented programs.


Social Support

KMG provides more than 50 types of social support for employees and their families, as well as non-working pensioners.

Human rights

KMG guarantees the absence of discrimination. All employees are treated equally, regardless of race,
religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability.