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KMG builds its business on the principles of legality, integrity and ethics. The company strictly observes human rights, takes all possible actions to prevent corruption, cares about its impeccable reputation and strives to implement high international standards in the field of ethics.

KMG's compliance system ensures that the company's activities comply with the law, industry standards and other mandatory requirements. Its elements are integrated into the activities of the company.

The principles of honest and ethical business conduct are enshrined in the Code of Business Ethics. The document contains a basic set of standards and requirements for all employees.

The main activities of the Compliance Service:
Positive business reputation
Compliance with the law, generally accepted standards of corporate and business ethics
Insider information management
Rejection of financial incentives for company employees
Conflict of interest management
Sanctions compliance
Timely reporting of cases of actual or potential violation of the provisions of the Code
In order to comply with the standards of ethical behavior and fair business conduct, KMG approved internal documents on compliance issues
Contact Information

Each KMG employee or any third party has the right to inform KMG in case of any doubts about the legality of the actions of any employee, contractor or other persons whose activities are related to KMG.

This information may be shared through the independent ethics and anti-fraud hotline:

For confidential information: 8 800 080 47 47

WhatsApp number: +7 771 191 88 16


Internet portal: