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Industrial safety

KMG strives to meet the highest occupational safety standards and is committed to continuous improvement of the occupational safety management system as a key element of effective production management.

KMG has a Corporate Standard that establishes uniform requirements and effective approaches for the implementation and maintenance of the safety management system of production.
Process Safety Management
KMG is gradually implementing the Process Safety Management System, which is a set of engineering and management solutions aimed at preventing major technological incidents, including:
  • maintaining the integrity of assets and process equipment;
  • establishment of safe operating rules, norms and procedures in accordance with legislative requirements and the best world practices in the field of industrial process safety management (IOGP, OSHA);
  • identifying technological risks and applying measures to prevent them;
  • prevention of losses related to the life and health of employees and the public, the environment, property, reputation, and also financial and legal consequences.