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Environmental Management

KMG follows the principle of zero tolerance for losses and damages associated with environmental pollution and systematically improves the environmental management system.

Key Indicators in 2022

  • 83.7
    Water withdrawal,
    million m3
  • 98.8%
    raw gas effective
    utilization rate
  • 1.5
    raw gas flaring rate (tonnes per 1000 tons of production, IOGP - 8.0)
  • 0.21
    SOx emission intensity (tonnes per 1000 tons of production, IOGP - 0.20)
  • 0.31
    NOx emission intensity (tonnes per 1000 tons of production, IOGP - 0.33)
  • 693.7
    thousand tons, historical waste processing and remediation of the contaminated lands
  • 32.4
    billion tenge costs for environmental protection measures

Environmental Impact Assessment

At the planning stage of each project, KMG conducts an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to determine the environmental and other consequences and develop proposals. At the design stage, KMG also conducts public hearings and provides access to project materials for all interested parties.


Financing of Environmental Protection Measures

The Company is permanently improving its approaches to environmental management and allocates necessary resources for environmental protection.

Industrial Environmental Control

JSC NC «KazMunayGas» subsidiaries carry out production environmental control and quarterly submit reports to the authorized state body in the field of environmental protection.


Offshore Drilling Management

Offshore Drilling Management is carried out based on proven advanced principles and methods from international practice in the field of environmental protection when conducting exploration and production of hydrocarbons at sea.


Oil Spill Prevention

KMG pays considerable attention to the measures the company uses to ensure the integrity of pipelines as an important aspect of industrial and environmental safety.