Oil Spill Prevention

Oil spills at KMG are mainly caused by pipe leaks under the influence of corrosion processes. The Company continues to reduce the number of failures and pipe leaks by timely and proper execution of measures to detect, reconstruct, replace, inhibit, and clean pipelines that increased their integrity and reliability.

Volume of oil spills (tons)
Unauthorized taps

In close cooperation with law enforcement agencies, «KazTransOil» has reversed the situation with criminal and illegal taps into the Company's pipelines. Over the past 2.5 years, the Company managed to reduce the number of unauthorized taps into main pipelines to zero (in 2019, 2 unauthorized taps were detected, and the damage was 3.7 mln tenge; in 2020 and 2021, no cases of criminal taps were found).
These indicators have been mainly achieved through the following actions:
• enhanced control over the mobile groups via GPS systems and timely inspection of pipelines by such mobile groups;
• protection of oil pipelines via the Optosense monitoring system.
Continual preparedness for oil spill response (OSR) is our absolute priority.

Oil spill preparedness

Continuous preparedness for emergency oil spill response (OSR) is an absolute priority. There are high requirements for environmental safety in offshore oil operations: before starting any work, we conduct background environmental studies and evaluate our potential social and environmental impacts, as well as monitor impacts, emissions, and emergencies - during and after operations. In the end, we carry out continuous environmental monitoring of abandoned wells which includes monitoring of air quality, pollution of seawater and bottom sediments, biodiversity, as well as laboratory and analytical work and photo and video recording of the mouths of abandoned wells.

During offshore operations, we adhere to the following principles:
  • Strict adherence to design decisions
  • The Zero Discharge principle - all waste and wastewater is transported ashore;
  • Provision of all swimming facilities with fish protection devices and no polluted water;
  • Ban on production operations during the spawning period - from April 1 to July 15;
  • Ban on fishing at production vessels;
  • Ban on well testing and combustion of hydrocarbon raw materials during the night;
  • Compliance with a special mode of operation.
To provide services for the elimination of emergency oil spills, Zhambyl Petroleum LLP agreed with a consortium represented by KMG Systems & Services LLP, Kazmortransflot LLP, and the Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic management “Professional paramilitary emergency rescue service". During the construction of the appraisal well, the OSR vessels are located in a 500-meter zone from the Caspian Explorer submersible drilling rig.
Oil Spill Response Volunteer Development Initiative
The volunteer movement «Kaspiige qamqorlyq/Caring for the Caspian Sea» was formed in KMG Systems & Services LLP (hereinafter referred to as KMGSS) as part of the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan in 2020 and includes the creation of a volunteer movement from the residents of Atyrau and Mangistau regions - like-minded people, united by the desire to provide voluntary assistance to preserve the environment and biological resources of their native land. For these purposes, KMGSS intends to regularly train and involve students of local universities and the local population as volunteers in OSR, ensure the exchange of information, methodological and other literature, and organize appropriate sites (offices/conference rooms, etc.) for training, media and PR support for the volunteer movement, as well as to facilitate the integration of volunteering with stakeholders to expand and strengthen cooperation in the field of OSR.