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Occupational Safety and Health
KMG and its subsidiaries and affiliates establish the priority of the life and health of employees to the results of production activities, and the prevention of hazardous production factors in the field of labor protection and industrial safety. The company follows the principle of zero tolerance for loss and damage associated with accidents and incidents.

We focus on strengthening safety culture, increasing the commitment of top management to safety and health, empowering our workers (giving them the right to stop work that they believe is being done in an unsafe way), and analyzing the root causes of accidents.



KMG has the Code of Employees’ HSE Leadership and Commitment for the KMG Group to comply with the requirements of labor protection, industrial safety, and environmental protection.


The Golden Rules

This Code is applicable to and binding on all KMG employees. Contractors’ and service companies’ employees must comply with this Code based on contracts signed with contractors and service companies.

Membership in International Organizations