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KMG has the Code of Employees’ HSE Leadership and Commitment for the KMG Group to comply with the requirements of labor protection, industrial safety, and environmental protection.

The purpose of the Code is to increase the culture of labor safety, the personal interest of each employee in preventing accidents and active participation in activities to ensure labor protection, industrial safety, and environmental protection

Leaders at all levels in KMG demonstrate Leadership and Commitment

1) providing all the necessary resources for the functioning of the management system and achieving effectiveness in the field of HSE;

2) constantly paying attention to the importance of fulfilling legal requirements and internal documents in the field of HSE and achieving the goals set;

3) showing safe behavior by personal example, as well as involving and stimulating other Employees to comply with HSE requirements;

4) supporting Employees in demonstrating Leadership and Commitment to achieving goals by supporting and encouraging HSE programs and initiatives;

5) contributing to the continuous improvement of the management system.

More details about the Personal Commitment of the Chairman of the KMG Management Board can be found at the link