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One of the key roles of the Ombudsman Office is to improve KMG’s ranking and profile through early prevention, dispute settlement and conflict resolution, and escalate systemic issues requiring action to relevant bodies and officers, as well as to make proposals to stabilize conflict situations.
Contact Information
In order to prevent the violation of the rights of employees in real-time, confidential and accessible means of informing about all the facts of illegal actions by both employees and third parties have been organized.

Each KMG employee or any third party in case of doubts about the legality of the actions of other employees, counterparties, or other persons who interact with KMG and its SDEs, can report this to the management, their immediate supervisor, the Ombudsman through the following channels and means of communication:

Address: 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, D. Kunaev street, 8, block «B»
Phone: +7 (7172) 78 65 61

All appeals will be considered in the prescribed manner and terms, with the adoption of appropriate measures to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of similar situations in the future and notification of applicants about the results of the consideration..