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In order to ensure legal protection of employees and compliance with the norms of the Code of Business Ethics of JSC NC KazMunayGas, the company has an Ombudsman Service.

KMG Ombudsman Provides clarifications and advises on the provisions of the Code of Business Ethics, Employment social and labor issues, discrimination, sexual harassment and other kinds of misconduct, labor disputes;

KMG Ombudsman is neutral, impartial and independent, advocates fair and equitable conduct of processes when considering cases, and does not take the side of any of the Employees. It also ensures the confidentiality of information and anonymity of the Employee and/or Official who filed a complaint regarding violations of their rights and/or the provisions of this Code;

KMG Ombudsman, within the limits of his competence, consults the applying Employees, Officials, labor disputes participants and assists them in finding a mutually beneficial, constructive and reasonable solution;

Contact Information
Address: 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, st. D. Kunaeva, 8, Emerald Towers business center, block B, office 920
Phone: +7 (7172) 78 65 61