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Professional development

Taking into account the business needs to improve the quality of the personnel, KMG organizes staff training and professional development, the main goal of which is to ensure the stable success of the company by increasing the efficiency of its employees and developing their key competencies. Training is based on the strategic and current goals and objectives of KazMunayGas and in accordance with the Corporate Standard for Human Resource Management of Samruk-Kazyna Group.

In pursuit of KMG's strategic goals achievement, the priority tasks in HR are the provision of highly qualified personnel, retraining, and professional development of employees in such breakthrough specializations as petrochemicals, low-carbon development, digitalization, sustainable development, leadership, and safety culture

Professional training and development in the KazMunayGas group is implemented in three main areas:

  • - compulsory education;
  • - planned vocational training;
  • - personal and business competencies training.
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a job at KazMunayGas?

Dear applicant!

We suggest you register on the Unified Online Recruiting Platform «Samruk Qyzmet» -, and track the vacancies of the group of companies JSC «NWF «Samruk-Kazyna».

How can I get an internship at KMG?

Dear student!

To complete an internship at «KazMunayGas», we require an official letter addressed to our company written on the letterhead of the educational institution. In the letter, the institution should indicate the full name of the student, specialization/faculty, year of study, type of practice, and time period.

How to get a job at KMG

The main principle of candidate selection for vacancies is an open and transparent recruitment process. When searching for candidates internally, we use the corporate website -

In this case, only employees of the KazMunayGas group of companies are allowed to participate in the competition. When doing an external search for candidates, we use various specialized Internet resources and place an ad at the recruiting platform Samruk-Qyzmet - Potential candidates’ applications are sent for verification and evaluation. The final candidate is selected after the interviews with the shortlisted applicants.