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The actual number of KMG Group employees at the end of 2021 was 47,437 people (44,650 - full-time employees and 2,787 - outstaffing people).

Employees by Gender and Category

Considering the fact that the Company’s operations are associated with hazardous and harmful labor conditions, the share of male employees is 82 % and 18 % of personnel are females.
Categories of employees Male Female Share of employees by category in total staff number, %
Managers 82 18 11
Specialists 60 40 20
Workers 88 12 69
Distribution of employees by regions of Kazakhstan
*excluding the number of employees of foreign assets
Distribution of employees by business areas
Exploration assets 30
Corporate Center 490
Service 6,8K
Oil service 6,7K
Oil and gas production 15,4K
Oil transportation 7,4K
Oil refining 3K
Foreign assets 7,3K
Marketing and sales of oil 45