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We guarantee the absence of discrimination. All employees are treated equally, regardless of their race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability.
KMG continuously evaluates and monitors the potential and actual impact of its activities on human rights. Based on this assessment, optimal strategies are developed and decisions are made.
People directly affected by the use of our assets and rights holders (employees, suppliers, contractors, local communities, and any third parties) can notify KMG of any situation of the possible impact on human rights. These mechanisms shall not be used to preclude access to judicial or other extrajudicial grievance mechanisms, as well as the legitimate and peaceful activities of human rights defenders.
KMG seeks to ensure that third-party companies cooperating with us agree to provide the above human rights guarantees to their employees, including through the inclusion of a relevant clause in the employment contract.
We do not use child labor.
We do not endorse and do not exercise forced labor.
We acknowledge the right of every employee to freedom of association and the signing of a collective agreement.
We respect the rights and needs of local communities in the regions of our operations. We are always open to dialogue and resolution of any problems based on our meetings with local communities and other complaints mechanisms.
We expect that in the process of cooperation, suppliers and business partners will follow the spirit of this policy and share KMG's commitment to respect for all internationally recognized human rights. We hope that they will pay particular attention to the human rights most at risk of impact from their activities, as well as the rights of the most vulnerable, including women, children, and migrants.