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Aktobe region
Terms of implementation
NC KazMunayGas JSC (100%)
Current status
In implementation
Key indicators
  • 101
    thousand tons of oil and condensate per year
  • 69.9
    investment, billion KZT
  • 121
    new jobs during the construction period
  • 153
    new jobs during operation
Oriktau Operating LLP carries out exploration and production of hydrocarbons (oil, natural gas, condensate) under Contract for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons No. 2882 at the Central Oriktau and Eastern Oriktau fields.

The Central and Eastern Oriktau facilities are technologically interconnected, and therefore, after the launch of the Central Oriktau, the sites will have common infrastructure facilities.
In order to put the Oriktau field into full-scale development, Oriktau Operating LLP together with KMG Engineering LLP (100% of KMG subsidiaries) are developing a Concept for the development of the Oriktau project.

The development of the field is carried out in two Phases:

Phase 1 – includes the development of the Eastern Oriktau, which is an oil field.

From the start of the commissioning of two wells in the Eastern Oriktau, 96 thousand tons have been produced. Currently, five of the six planned wells have been drilled. After the launch of all six wells of East Oriktau, it is planned to achieve oil production in the amount of 101 thousand tons per year.

Phase 2 – assumes full-scale development of the Oriktau field, including the sections of the Eastern and Central Oriktau.

As part of the full-scale development of the field, Central Oriktau is a gas field that contains significant gas reserves. It is planned to extract free and associated gas in the amount of 1 billion m3 per year, as well as oil and condensate production in the amount of 209 thousand tons per year.

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