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Improving operational efficiency at Ozenmunaigas JSC (RLG)

Optimizing selection of the best wells and operating costs, implementing best practices, training of active workers to replicate the transformation model

Improving operational efficiency at Ozenmunaigas JSC (RLG)
Mangystau region
Terms of implementation
Current status
In implementation
Improvement in the production performance will be achieved by reaching the required level of production, optimizing the selection of the best wells, reducing the cost of oil production by optimizing operating costs, establishing best practices both in the office and on the operation sites, as well as selecting and training active employees to maintain and replicate the production efficiency transformation model to other divisoins.
Implementation of the RLG methodology will help achieve the following qualitative benefits:
- Full involvement of all participants in the production processes and the creation of a transparent responsibility system at all levels (company, contractors);
- Improvement of the planning process and coordination of the departments’ activities among themselves and with contractors;
- Transparent monitoring based on the data of all processes and their assessment of their effectiveness;
- Changed thinking - awareness of the need for strategic, detailed, step-by-step planning of all production processes, both by the customer and the contractor;
- Visualization of the results achieved at all levels of production processes and divisions;
- Consolidation of sustainable changes in the operations and the business culture.

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