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Development of the ABAI information system

Centralization of all production information of the KMG group in a single database on the Big Data platform, as well as its processing and analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Development of the ABAI information system
Mangystau region, Atyrau region, Aktobe region, Kyzylorda region
Terms of implementation
2020 – 2025
OMG, EMG, MMG, KBM, KTM, KGM, Kazakhoil Aktobe
General Contractor
KMG Engineering LLP
Current status
In implementation
Key indicators
  • 12
    savings on two OMG units alone based on the results of testing the «Monitoring of complications» module, million tenge
  • 14
    savings on two OMG units alone based on the results of testing the «Monitoring of complications» module, million tenge
  • 60
    collected, constantly updated, processed, and displayed in the «Visualization Center» module, production parameters
  • 266
    increase in oil production at 11 wells of KGM over 2 months of testing the «Technological mode» module, tons
  • 3
    reduction in operating costs of KMG group during full-scale implementation of the system, %
ABAI IS it consists of autonomous modules. To date, 5 pilot modules have been developed and tested:

Module «ABAI Database»
Own system for downloading and storing data on exploration and production of KMG. The module also provides the formation of production reports and operational access to all production information in the ABAI IS.

Module «Visualization Center»
It consists of 3 dashboards and is designed to visually display and monitor the production and strategic performance indicators of the KMG Exploration and Production unit (for example, the volume of daily production in the context of subsidiaries) for making quick and high-quality management decisions.

Module «Technological mode»
Automates the process of forming the technological regime of the well stock and calculates the potential maximum production rates at wells under existing geological and technical conditions (downhole pressure, well design, etc.).
Module «Monitoring of complications»
Allows you to apply a targeted approach to the injection of inhibitors and determine their exact dosage, taking into account the actual corrosion rate. As a result, the reliability of the equipment increases (due to the increase in the effectiveness of the inhibitor) and the costs of chemicals are reduced.

Module «Selection of deep-pumping equipment» (DPE)
It will increase the speed and quality of DPE selection due to automatic data processing for calculation. Optimization of DPE, operating mode of existing wells and assessment of the potential of new (from drilling) wells in the operational mode is provided.
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