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Polyethylene Project

Polyethylene Project
Atyrau region
Terms of implementation
KLPE LLP (50.1%), JSC NC «KazMunayGas» (49.9%)
Current status
PJSC SIBUR Holding signed binding documentation on joining the Project as a strategic partner on November 7, 2022. In December 2022, a licensing agreement was signed with Chevron Phillips Chemical and Univation for polymerization technology. A feasibility study has been conducted. Currently, the Polyethylene project is in the design phase.
Key indicators
  • 1250
    thousand tons of polyethylene per year
  • 7.7
    investments, US dollars
  • 8000
    new jobs during the construction period
  • 875
    new jobs during operation
Silleno LLP is the operator of the investment strategic project «Construction of the First Integrated Gas Chemical Complex. Second phase (Production of Polyethylene)».

The project is being developed within the framework of the national project «Sustainable economic growth aimed at improving the welfare of the Kazakh people» and the government program for the petrochemical industry development in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is on the list of strategic investment projects. Project is aimed to produce large-capacity polyethylene with a capacity of 1.25 million tons annually for sale in the domestic and foreign markets. The feedstock is gas from the TCO field. The Gas Absorption Plant infrastructure project will separate the ethane required for the polyethylene plant.
The Project is to use steam cracking (pyrolysis)units, ethylene polymerization units, and one auxiliary licensed ethylene dimerization unit. Various exclusive licensors of pyrolysis are being considered, where the technological process is the production of ethylene from the ethane fraction supplied as a raw material to the boundaries of the facility. In terms of polymerization, the company is considering a configuration with two reactors with a capacity of 625 thousand tons annually, licensed technologies for gas-phase and/or suspension processes for low-pressure polyethylene production, where the final product is obtained from ethylene obtained in pyrolysis by polymerization.
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