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Introduction of the «Bank of Ideas» platform

Creation of a transparent process for the implementation of rationalization ideas of the employees to increase motivation and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Introduction of the «Bank of Ideas» platform
Pavlodar, Атырау, Shymkent
Terms of implementation
General Contractor
KMG Kumkol LLP
Current status
In implementation
Key indicators
  • 6000
    users registered at the refineries
  • 190
    190 ideas and reasonable proposals have been introduced into the production operations
The following qualitative benefits are expected as a result of the the project:
-    Approval of a unified procedure for considering reasonable and innovative ideas/initiatives;
-    Development of an innovation-oriented culture at the workplace;
-    Implementation of a motivation system for the employees participating in the improvement of day-to-day activities;
-    Development of the technological potential and solution of problematic issues from KMG's subsidiaries;
-    Implementation of the platform «Bank of Ideas» in the «Oil and gas production by KMG» business line.
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