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We seek to ensure a high level of openness and transparency of our activities by implementing the principle of active dialogue with stakeholders.

KMG provides the full operating cycle from HC exploration and production through transportation and refining to distribution of crude oil and oil products both in Kazakhstan and abroad, and represents state interests in the oil and gas sector. We have an extensive group of stakeholders which influences our work and which in turn may affect our success. We strive to keep them informed regardless of whether the stakeholder is an individual or a large organization.

KMG is constantly making efforts to build up a dialogue and long-term cooperation, and manage relations with its stakeholders.

When defining stakeholders and stakeholder engagement, KMG applies the best stakeholder engagement practices, including international standards, such as AA1000SES Stakeholder Engagement Standard

KMG has an approved Stakeholder Map, which takes into account the risks and rankings based on dependence (direct or indirect), obligations, the situation (with a particular focus on high-risk areas), influence, and various prospects. Given the diverse nature of our stakeholders, we have a number of mechanisms for ongoing engagement with each of them, through meetings, workshops, forums, direct discussions, joint ventures and focus groups.

Feedback and comments on sustainability activities and initiatives, as well as interactions on them, may be sent to: