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Bar coding for bills, invoices

Brief instruction on generation of document “sheet with a bar code”:
  • Prepare invoice and work completion report for the reporting period;
  • Go to Screen form will open;
  • Select a business unit from a drop-down menu, i.e. select the appropriate branch to which an invoice and work completion reports are submitted;
  • Select a document type (in this case a document type is an invoice);
  • Enter data into the screen form from invoice for the reporting period (contract number, contract year, document number, document date, currency, amount including VAT, email for notification);
    IMPORTANT! Keyboard layout should be switched to English when entering data;
  • Press a button “generate a bar code”. A document in PDF format will be generated;
  • Print the document;
  • Visually check the printed document and compare with the invoice. Pay attention to the following when comparing: - the sheet should have 4 line codes. Each line strts from letters DD, i.e. DD, DD1, DD2, DD3
    ■ if there are less than 4 lines then the document is improperly generated. Please reach the contacts below if this is the case.
    ■ information on both documents (the invoice and the printed sheet with bar code) shall be identical;
  • Write a name of your company using a pen;
  • Sign the document (authorized signature). The document is now generated;
  • Attach the generated document to other documents (the invoice and the work completion report). Document package is now generated;
  • Sending the generated document package to KMG document control centre.
  • Dear suppliers and contractors! You are strongly requested not to put a stamp of your company on the printed sheet with a bar code! KMG puts a stamp in the field “Stamp here”.
  • You are requested to print properly the “Sheet with a bar code” (without correction marks, cartridge lines, etc.).
  • If you improperly generated the “Sheet with a bar code” then you may regenerate the new one. Number of generated copies will not impact on the process.
Business unit:
Business unit:
Contract number:
please write the full number
Contract year:
Invoice number:
please write the full number
Document date (invoice date):
Including VAT:
if VAT does not apply then insert 0