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Feedback Questionnaire

To The Report For Sustainable Development Of NC KAZMUNAYGAS For 2022

Link to the report:

Please spare a few minutes to complete our small questionnaire. Your opinion is very important to us as we seek to improve efficiency of our efforts towards the sustainable development.
1. * After reading the Report how your understanding about the efforts of NC KazMunayGas towards the sustainable development have improved?

Yes, it has enough details

I have a general idea

I hardly know what to say

2. * What impression does the information in the Report make on you?

It is interesting, I learned a lot

In general, it is interesting

I do not find it interesting

3. * How do you rate the Report in terms of truthfulness, objectiveness, completeness and quality of information?




4. * Which of the sections do you find more interesting and useful? Why?
5. * Which of the sections of the Report do you think require improvement? Why?
6. * Will you be interested to engage in a discussion of what to add in the next Report on sustainable development of NC KazMunayGas?

Yes, I will

I may consider it

No, I won’t

7. * Please indicate topics that you would like to see in the next report on sustainable development and/or give your comments about the Report

Your contact details:

Full name






Thank you for your feedback!

Your opinion will be considered while preparation of the next Report on sustainable development of NC KazMunayGas.