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In order to promptly and effectively respond to crises of any nature, including accidents, epidemics, strikes, cyber-attacks, and any other situations that pose a threat to the stable operation of KMG and its reputation, KMG has a permanent body - the Crisis Management Team.

KMG applies a three-level crisis management model, which ensures a smooth transition from incident response measures at the level of the production facility and SDEs (tactical level) to the corporate level of management by the KMG corporate center (strategic level).

Crisis Management Model
01 Response Level
Incidents can be eliminated by personnel at the production facility using available resources.
02 Response Level
Incidents can be eliminated using the resources available at the production facility, but at the same time require wider support from subsidiaries and affiliates and territorial divisions of state bodies.
03 Response Level
Serious incidents that occur at the production facility or outside it and require a large-scale involvement of the resources of the KMG corporate center, including support from the republican government bodies and international organizations.