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Energy Efficiency Improvement

The main strategic directions for the development of energy saving and energy efficiency of the KMG Group are the modernization of process equipment, the introduction of energy-saving technologies, the optimization of heat generation and consumption, as well as the development of its own generation sources, including those using APG.
In 2021, 49 energy saving and energy efficiency measures were implemented, and the planned annual saving of fuel and energy resources amounted to 0.34 million GJ, in physical terms - 5.3 million kW of electricity and 8,107 thousand m3 of natural gas.

Structure of energy consumption by fuel type in 2021

Energy consumption by fuel type 2021, %

In total, 118.0 million GJ of fuel and energy resources
were consumed in 2021, including

  • electrical energy - 12.8 million GJ,
  • thermal energy - 4.3 million GJ,
  • motor fuel — 1.2 million GJ,
  • boiler and furnace fuel — 99.7 million GJ.