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Business contunuity management system

Business continuity management system (BCMS) is a set of processes and procedures aimed at identifying potential threats/risks and assessing their impact on the activities of KMG and its subsidiaries and affiliates, which creates the basis for increasing the Company's resilience to incidents by implementing effective response measures capable of restoring the Company's activities and protecting the interests of stakeholders, business reputation, brand and activities that add value to the Company.
Company is aware of the importance of having a BCMS and manages business continuity by determining the necessary conditions and resources for the development, improvement of measures and means to ensure business continuity in the context of threats and risks leading to business interruption.

The Business Continuity Management System of NC KazMunayGas JSC defines the scope, goals, basic principles and model of operation of the BCMS taking into account the recommendations of the international standard in the field of ensuring business continuity and is aimed at organizing the process of minimizing and managing risks leading to downtime in KMG’s activities.