Social Stability

KMG works consistently on ensuring social stability.

KMG Corporate Social Responsibility Code specifies the sustainable development issues and defines KMG as a socially responsible company, both towards its employees and the local community.

KMG has adopted the Regulations on the Unified System for Internal Communications between Employers and Employees, which stipulates that the meetings between the management and the employees of subsidiaries and affiliates take place twice a year on a mandatory basis. At these meetings, the employees receive updated information regarding the company’s performance and answers to all questions.

The Rules for Holding Meetings (Conferences) at KMG production facilities have been adopted, according to which the employees should notify the employer in advance on the meeting (conferences) venue and time, while the employer should, in its turn, provide the premises and conditions to hold such employees’ meetings.

Collective agreements used at KMG entities reflect what types of social assistance are rendered to employees. The scope and amount of such assistance depends on financial capabilities and negotiations with trade unions.

A standard collective agreement form has been regulated, which, along with other unified conditions applicable to labour relations, addresses the requirements established to settle the arising labour disputes and conflicts.

In order to ensure team building at KMG Group, it has been regulated how  to arrange and hold corporate events, namely the professional excellence competition called Best in Trade, the Corporate Sports Competition and the Youth Convention, which have been traditionally held for several years.

The Social Stability Index at KMG Group is subject to annual study, with its results used by the entities as a basis for development of Employees’ Social Stability and Labour Conditions Improvement Action Plans.