Our stakeholders

We have an extensive group of stakeholders which influences our work and which in turn may affect our success. We strive to keep them informed regardless of whether the stakeholder is an individual or a large organization.

Building the relationship of trust with our stakeholders is carried out through the provision of transparent reporting. We understand the importance of our influence on the national economy, environment and society. Therefore, striving for long-term growth of our business, we try to make sure that we have taken into account the interests and expectations of all stakeholders.

Given different nature of our stakeholders, we have a range of mechanisms for continuous interaction with each of them, by means of meetings, seminars, forums, direct discussions, joint ventures and focus groups.

For the issues on activities and initiatives in sustainable development as well as for interaction for them, reviews and comments may be sent to: sustainability@kmg.kz

Our Interested parties (the list is not limited to this):

Contribution and impact

Expectations and interests

Our approach to interaction with  Interested parties and ways of interconnection

Employees, officials

Human capital,  loyalty,  labour productivity,

work safety,  environment protection

Competitive salary,  qualitative and safe working conditions,  professional development,  observance of human rights social guarantees,  benefits  and compensations

Business meetings;  quarterly and annual reports;  regular, direct interaction at all levels of management;  focus-group discussions;   polls, corporate sites;  telephone hotlines;  information stands.


Inflow of financial resources (share capital, loans),  normative documents  for the activities of the SDCs of the Fund

Return on investment,  timely payment of dividends,  maintaining the reputation of the fund,   reserves increase,  improvement of corporate governance

Code of Conduct;   internal policies and standards;   accountability; reviews of financial and operating activities; polls and surveys; domestic newspapers.

Subsidiaries and affiliated organizations,  joint ventures

Production activity,  regulatory compliance of   internal normative documents,  maintaining the reputation of the company

Development of high-quality internal regulatory documentation, representation of interests before government bodies, associations.

Code of Conduct;   internal policies and standards;   accountability; audits;  business meetings;  regular, direct interaction at all levels of management;  polls, corporate sites;  domestic newspapers.

Local communities, non-governmental organizations

Community support in the regions of  activity;

loyalty and support of local authorities;

Favorable relationship;


Job creation,  regional development,   environmental well-being, transparency

Annual reports,  public hearings over EIA,  meetings with local communities,   social projects implementation,  funds and trusts,  feedback through comments about the services and goods,  publications in the media and on the official website of the company,  field visits,  hotlines , post office.

Government, local state bodies

State regulation, taxes and royalties

Regulatory compliance,   job creation,  contribution through tax transparency,   Promotion of socio-economic development of regions,  environmental well-being,   Responsible and efficient use of labor and natural resources,  business transparency

Checks and inspections,   environmental assessment,   memorandums of understanding and cooperation, participation in events and forums; working groups, responses to requests for information, state statistical reporting.


Supply of raw materials (goods and services)

Reliable market,  regular customer creditworthiness,   Compliance with contractual obligations,  improving product quality,  increase of industrial and ecological safety

Code of Conduct;  policies and standards;  socially responsible partnership;  partnership to maintain local content

Trade unions

Promoting Social Stability,  regulation of labor relations and conflict resolution

Respect for workers' rights in all KMG SDCs,  safe working conditions,   social guarantees, benefits and compensations

Meetings of the first leaders with trade unions,  meetings with local communities;   collective agreements;  public hearings over EIA;  regular meetings and personal interaction;  hotlines for calls


The inflow of financial resources through the procurement (goods and services)

High-quality, safe goods and services at an affordable price

Participation in forums for stakeholders;  feedback through comments about the services and goods;  publications in the media and on the official website of the company; field trips; hotlines, post office


Creating a platform for interaction, exchange of experience with other oil and gas organizations and state bodies.

Active participation in working groups, sponsorship, transparency,   representation of interests and establishment of relations with state bodies, best practices and innovations.

Participation in industry forums, conferences;  membership in working groups on social and environmental issues;   polls and surveys;  regular meetings and personal interaction;  publications in the media and on the official website of the company; hotlines, post office

More detailed information and examples of interactions with stakeholders are shown in the report.