Code of ethics

The Code of Business Conduct of JSC NC “KazMunayGas” (the Code and KMG, respectively) enshrines KMG's corporate values, determines the most important principles and rules of business conduct and governing relations with the Stakeholders, and constitutes a code of corporate ethics, all KMG employees are guided by.

Provisions of the Code apply to all KMG employees equally, irrespective of the position held, and reflect the main values and ethical principles of work. The Code lays down the rules of affairs with the colleagues, government agencies, shareholders, business partners, communities and mass media.

KMG and its employees accept, continually and unfailingly follow the provisions of the Code when making decisions of all levels of seniority, in affairs with all KMG's Stakeholders and the community as a whole, both when making strategic decisions, and when doing the day-to-day work.

All employees certify in writing, that they have carefully studied it, understand its content and undertake to follow in good faith the business ethics principles and rules of conduct, stipulated in the Code.

The code, insofar as it does not conflict the nature of the current obligations, is only advisory in nature for KMG's Stakeholders, external partners and legal entities and natural persons, operating under civil law contracts, signed with KMG, and for the suppliers, contractors and consultants, who are agents carrying out commissions, or representing KMG to third parties, if their acts are performed on KMG's behalf.

The Code has been developed in accordance with the Detailed Plan for Improvement of Corporate Governance in JSC NC "KazMunayGas" for 2019-2020 and approved by the resolution of the Board of Directors of JSC NC "KazMunayGas” of 29 November 2018 (minutes No.18/2018).

The Code is available to all stakeholders on KMG's official web-site in the Kazakh, English and Russian languages, and in the internal electronic document base, IMS EDB.

Institute of Ombudsman

As part of the initiatives, measures and actions taken by the Shareholders, KMG's Board of Directors and Management Board, the Institute of KMG's Ombudsman has been created.

The Ombudsman's key responsibilities are to provide explanations and consultations on the Code provisions, exercise control over timely processing of addresses, coordinate efforts to carry out investigations of infringements in accordance with established procedure, analyze the source of social disaffection, and develop the measures to mitigate it. 

The Ombudsman is neutral, impartial and independent, it is committed to fair and equitable conduct of proceedings when trying cases, and does not stand with any of the employees, it promotes adherence to the principle of equitable treatment and prevention of any type of discrimination, and ensures complete confidentiality of the information, which has become known to it and the anonymity of the employee or official, who has addressed it in response to an infringement of its rights or provisions of the Code.

When any of KMG employees begins to have doubts about the ethics or legality of its acts, as well as acts, omissions or offers of other employees, bodies, contractual partners or other stakeholders, interacting with KMG, they may relate this (inter alia, anonymously) using the following communication channels:



Contacts: +7 (7172) 78 65 60,


Days of visiting:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 15:00 to 17:00 

Address: 010000, Nur-Sultan,

8 D.Kunayev street