KMG follows “KMG's Economic Security Policy”, approved by KMG Board of Directors in 2014. This document includes the principles of KMG in relation to corruption, fraud, as well as to other illegal actions. Similar documents were introduced in the following KMG SDCs.

The policy is posted on the corporate site of KMG in Kazakh, English and Russian to provide full access to all employees of the group of companies and interested parties.

Every KMG employee or any third person has the right to inform the management of KMG or its authorized representative office in case of any doubt about the legitimacy of actions of any employee, contractor or other persons whose activities are related to KMG. This information can be transferred to an e-mail address or to a telephone helpline.

In accordance with the Rules for the organization of the risk management process in KMG, approved by the decision of the Board, we conduct an assessment of the risks associated with corruption in all SDCs.