Current status

Currently, KazMunayGas:

  • Is making an analysis to select the optimal production asset, taking into account the high levels of CO2 emissions, the depth and availability of suitable aquifers and the relevant distance from the populated areas.
  • Is analysing and determining the preferred CO2 capture and injection technology.
  • Is conducting a feasibility study of the beneficial effects of the technology.
  • Is engaged in negotiations with Baker Hughes.

It is important to note that this measure may be of interest not only for KMG, but for other carbon-intensive sectors of the economy as well.

Understanding the role of hydrogen energy, KazMunayGas has started to explore the prospects for hydrogen production in the long term. This applies particularly to decarbonated forms of hydrogen — “blue” and “green”.

The Programme will be developed by this October, and then a Plan for implementation of this Programme will be elaborated. This will be a joint effort between KMG and its subsidiaries and dependent entities.