Scam Alert!

On 7 November 2022, Samruk-Kazyna JSC and JSC NC “KazMunayGas” announced their intention to hold an initial public offering (IPO).

Scammers are now creating dedicated websites, applications and social media pages, which they use to distribute advertisements and offer Kazakhstan citizens to invest money, allegedly to National Company "KazMunayGas". In exchange, scammers promise a quick guaranteed profit from the sale of oil and gas with a multi-fold increase against the initial ‘investment’ amount. JSC NC “KazMunayGas” warns that these advertisements are scam and contain false information.

We urge Kazakhstan citizens to exercise caution and to trust only official websites

Information about the company's activities is only posted on the official website and on the 's social media pages: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram.

The list of licensed brokers is available on the website of the RoK Financial Market Regulation and Development Agency.

For any inquiries about the IPO of JSC NC "KazMunayGas", please use a dedicated hotline open 10:00 to 19:00 seven days a week (toll free from landline and mobile numbers):
Tel.: 8 (800) 004 03 15




HSE management objectives are directly linked to the Group's Development Strategy. KazMunayGas Strategy-2028 includes strategic initiatives to increase environmental responsibility. Group priorities in terms of environmental protection include greenhouse gas emissions management and flaring reduction, water resources management, production waste management, land reclamation and energy efficiency.


In accordance with the priorities of the Strategy, the "Environmental Policy" was approved. The management of JSC NC "KazMunayGas" and its subsidiaries and affiliates follows the principle of zero tolerance in relation to losses and damages associated with environmental pollution

In 2021, the new version of the Environmental Policy was approved. In accordance with the requirements of the new Environmental Code, in order to ensure the collection, accumulation, storage, analysis and dissemination of environmental information, KMG's Environmental Policy has been updated. Additionally, the obligations of KazMunayGas for the rational use of natural resources, compliance with measures to preserve biodiversity were strengthened.

Health and Safety Policy of KazMunayGas is based on top management leadership, occupational health and safety, and initiates employee involvement in safety culture evolution. Management of KazMunayGas and its subsidiaries follows the principle of zero tolerance for losses and damage caused by accidents and incidents and undertakes to comply with the international and national standards parallel to national legislation.

Alcohol, Drugs and Psychotropics Policy and Safe Driving Policy of KazMunayGas prescribe the priority of an employee life and health, at the same time they rule out alcohol, drugs and psychotropics use to prevent road accidents and mitigate their consequences and damage to the Company's property. The management of KazMunayGas and its subsidiaries follows the principle of zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs and psychotropics use, as well as for losses and damages caused by road accidents.

All Policies apply to all Group employees, as well as employees of contractors and service providers, and are the part of Company's business relations with its partners.

The purpose of the The Health, Safety and Environment Leadership and Commitment Code for JSC NC “KazMunayGas” Group Employees is to improve the safe work culture, increase the personal interest of each Employee in preventing Incidents and ensure active involvement in health, safety and environment activities (hereinafter — HSE) within the KMG Group.

A key milestone in 2018 in terms of water resources protection was that KazMunayGas adopted a Corporate Water Management Standard. The Standard states the main principles of KMG in terms of water resources use - 8 Water Principles; it gives a systematic approach to water resources management. And in 2019, Company CEO signed a Personal Statement of Commitment to Sustainable Water Management. From now on, we adhere to strict water resources use principles, work out long-term plans to reduce consumption throughout the group, and introduce new water-saving technologies. We have already started several large-scale projects to treat waste and salt water for industrial purposes, which will give more fresh water to the public.

Commonly known that the proper contractor qualification and cooperation skills provide an important competitiveness privilege for a company. The company is trying to upgrade the contractor qualification criteria to achieve high performance and transparency during the entire services period. KazMunayGas Group Corporate Standard on Contractors Cooperation on HSE Issues is a structural element of the Management System and prescribes the requirements to contracts with contractors, including HSE Agreement, where compliance with HSE requirements and penalties for violations are included; contractor's personnel, machinery and equipment pre-mobilization audit, assessment of contractor's HSE performance are provided.

KazMunayGas Group Corporate HSE Competence Standard prescribes HSE Competence levels required for each element of HSE Management System that KazMunayGas Group employees should match in accordance with their job group. 

The Plan of Communication and Awareness of Risks in the Field of Health, Safety and Environment in JSC NC “KazMunayGas” Group, which was developed considering the recommendations of the Reference Model of the Industrial Safety Management for Portfolio Companies of Samruk-Kazyna JSC in order to improve the KMG Health, Safety and Environment management system.

From 2017, the Group is following the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Roadmap 2017-2020.

KazMunayGas Group Health and Environment Improvement Roadmap - 2020 contains the main environmental protection and sustainable development strategic initiatives. The Roadmap indicators are monitored on an annual basis.

In order to increase the operating assets production that falls naturally, KMG will take a number of actions, as provided by Strategy 2018-2028, to enhance operational performance and technological practice, as well as to engage immobile oil in order to achieve maximum well productivity, and improve the technological and economic performance of geological and engineering activities through:

  • expansion of the innovation and technological base, including fields digitalization projects;
  • removal of surface infrastructure restrictions after gas flaring and water recycling issues are addressed;
  • growth of oil recovery factor at operational assets;
  • enhanced flood control;
  • polymer flood expansion;
  • launch of additional exploration facilities at operational production assets.

An important component of further development of the Company is improving the efficiency of production at mature fields. To accomplish this task, production processes at the KMG production facilities are being continuously monitored for the purposes of their optimization, observance of the energy conservation policy and the ways to increase the oil recovery factor are being sought, for example, putting new wells into operation, hydraulic fracturing, well workover, additional perforation and re-perforation of formations and polymer flooding (from KMG’s 2020 Annual Report).








Atmosphere Protection

Climate change and greenhouse gas emission

Waste management

Biodiversity conservation

Oil spill prevention

Environmental protection measures and environmental insurance

Ustyurt Nature Reserve

Kenderli-Kayasanskaya state conservation area

State integrated nature reserve "Kokzhide-Kumzhargan"

North Caspian preserved area