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POCR LLP Reaches Full Processing Capacity after Maintenance

On 14 June 2020, Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery reached full processing capacity after the scheduled preventive maintenance.

During the maintenance period from 25.04.2020 to 14.06.2020, all the required works were done to ensure safe operation of the refinery in 2020-2021. The major works included internals replacement of K-101, K-103 columns, repairs of process furnaces P-101, P-102 with coils being replaced, repair of the PK-101/2 piston compressor of the deep conversion facility.

Adsorbents were reloaded at the CDU isomerisation plant.

The instrumentation was upgraded at the S-300/1 section of the LK-6U complex. Obsolete and worn out pneumatic instruments were replaced with modern electronic ones. All 95 units of the new instruments were connected to the distributed control system as part of the Instrumentation Upgrade in S-300/1 project, which will allow to implement centralised process monitoring and control in the section. All installation, hook-up and start-up to be done during the stalled process were fully completed.

During the scheduled preventive maintenance, technical inspection, examination, and safety expert review were made in respect of pressure equipment and vessels (329 units), process pipelines (1,152 units), and process furnaces; rejected components and devices of process equipment and pipelines were repaired and replaced in accordance with the rules and requirements for industrial safety at hazardous industrial facilities.

As the maintenance works at the refinery were performed during the COVID-19 quarantine, all preventive measures were taken.

Serious efforts were made to ensure timely transportation of contractors’ specialists and supply of materials and equipment. All the staff of the contracting organisations engaged in the works were PCR-tested, had their body temperature taken, and all the equipment, pipelines and vehicles entering the refinery premises were disinfected.

The equipment was cleaned by contractors SС Intra and Total Service LLP.  Inspection of equipment and safety expert review were made with the involvement of specialised expert organisations, such as Incom company LLP, Kazprombezopasnost PV LLP, Defektoskopia RPA LLP (Karaganda). Metal structures and waste-heat exchangers were examined by Gormontazhproekt LLP (Karaganda).

Process equipment was repaired by: Megastroyplus LLP, Alyansstroymontazh LLP (Shymkent), Repair and Assembly Department (Shymkent), Bert LLP, Neftegazstroy PV LLP.

Works started in 2019 intended to ensure further safe operation of the process equipment at the S-100 section of the crude vacuum unit and the S-300 diesel fuel hydrotreatment section of the crude distillation unit were continued during the maintenance 2020 period. In 2019, JSC “D. Sokolskiy Institute of Fuel, Catalysis and Electrochemistry” conducted a corrosion audit and developed corrosion control data sheets for these sections.

The same works are under way in 2020 in respect of the S-200/1 naftha hydrotreatment section, S-200/2 catalytic reforming section of the crude distillation unit, the delayed coking and coke calcination unit of the black oil processing facility.

The refinery is currently operating in the routine mode. All the activities performed will allow to maintain industrial safety at the target level, retain the quality of the products, and comply with the environmental requirements.