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Strategic IT session Our Future Depends on Pro-active Approach of Each of Us

On October 1, 2019, NC “KazMunayGas” (“KMG”) held a strategic session on information technology in Nur-Sultan. Zhakyp Marabayev, KMG Chief Operations Officer, Dauren Karabayev, KMG Chief Financial Officer, Dauren Kereybaev, Managing Director for Digitization and Transformation at Samruk-Kazyna as well as managers and experts of the IT Block of KMG and its subsidiaries and affiliates attended the session. The purpose of the event is to form a common vision and action plan for the development of IT functions for the KMG Group. It should be noted that the meeting of the entire KMG IT community at this level is being held for the first time.

As part of the program of the event, a panel session was held where Zhakyp Marabayev, KMG Chief Operations Officer and Dauren Karabayev, KMG Chief Financial Officer, as representatives of KMG's business, announced their expectations of IT functions and took part in the discussion of important issues that were shared at the press conference with representatives of IT departments of subsidiaries and affiliates and KMG.

The speakers at the event - Dauren Kereybaev, Managing Director for Digitization and Transformation at Samruk-Kazyna, Nurlan Kussainov, Managing Director for Information Technology at KMG, Nurlan Utenov, Managing Director for Transformation and Digitization at KMG - noted that the strategic session is an important event both for purposes of sharing the experience and knowledge in the field of development of information systems, and for purposes of of strengthening transformation processes within the KMG Group.

To date, the implemented IT projects within the KazMunayGas Group have given a real economic effect. For instance, in 2018, KazTransGas Onimderi saved 400 million tenge with the help of the maintenance planning system. The economic effect from the outsourcing of the IT function of KazTransOil amounted to 2.2 billion tenge.

Nurlan Kussainov told about the current state of the block of information technology, implemented projects, development goals and outstanding issues. “IT is a service department that helps businesses resolve issues, serves to improve and facilitate the working conditions of production workers,” he stated.

Nurlan Utenov shared in details the concept of Digital Transformation and the implementation of the program KMG Digital Transformation. Today, the updated portfolio of the program includes 14 projects and 14 events aimed at comprehensive changes in people, business processes and technology.

During the event, the projects Centralization of IT Management Processes, Implementation of a Data System, KMG IT SSC and Cyber Shield were also discussed. Project managers shared the results achieved and their future plans.

Moreover, a round table was arranged on the topic Formation of a Plan for the Development of IT functions in KMG. The roundtable attendees discussed a number of issues of implementing innovative digital technology, new approaches to automating production, providing high-quality IT services and exchanged their views and experiences.