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Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Askar Mamin Visits Atyrau Refinery

As part of the working trip to the Atyrau Province, the Prime Minister of the RoK A. Mamin visited Atyrau Refinery LLP.

CEO of AR LLP S. Danbai reported to the Head of Government on the results of the carried out modernization, which had been implemented in three phases and fully completed in 2018 with the start-up of full-scale production of a valuable petrochemical feedstock, a high added value product - paraxylene (496 thousand tons annually). Let us recall, the refinery has already been shipping another valuable petrochemical product, benzene (133 thousand tons), for exports since 2016 .

Further, S. Danbai related on other important results of the two final phases of the modernization: increase in the production of petrols to 1 million 441 thousand tons annually, diesel – to 1 mn 700 thousand annually, RT jet fuel (and further on - Jet A1) – to 251 thousand tons annually. Additionally, in late 2018 Atyrau Refinery launched full-scale production of the unique low-pour-point diesel KHAZAR -32.

On the whole, thanks to the modernization, all products of the Atyrau Refinery comply with the K4 and K5 environmental classes, the enterprise capacity has been increased by 500 thousand tons – to 5.5 MMtpa, light oil yield - to 71%, the conversion ratio brought to 90%.

The AR's CEO also told the Head of Government about the environmental measures employed by the refinery. In particular, on the implementation of the TAZALYQ effluent treatment facility modernization project, designed to last until 2026, which envisages construction of a closed mechanical treatment facility and revamping of the biological and remediation of the evaporation fields. All these measures are taken using the refinery's own funds, and will enable it to bring the quality of the treated waste water to the norms of cultural-and-social use water, entirely eliminate washout of active sludge and suspended matters into the effluent water, and re-use 70% of the treated water in the refinery. For example, thanks to the recently commissioned tricanter, the AR has reduced the oil-contaminated waste disposal by 80%. That is, the process losses are considerably decreased owing to the return of oil products to the oil-refining process, and the enterprise's funds are saved.

  1. Mamin was also told about other five new refinery infrastructure modernization projects being implemented: Arman (repair of administration and amenity facilities), Bailanys (telecommunication networks modernization), 5S (workplace standardization), “Zheti Kazyna” и Jan’a Jol (renovation of intraplant roads). The Head of Government acquainted himself with the results of the latter in person - almost 80% of the refinery roads included in the project have been already repaved.

Furthermore, S. Danbai reported to A. Mamin on the social programmes for the development of AR LLP's workforce. For example, within the framework of the Youth Year, announced by the Head of State, in 2019 the AR launched a housing programme for young employees, aimed to sell 100 flats in a new residential complex; the keys will be handed over to the talented employees of AR in August 2020 - in the year of the refinery's 75th anniversary.

We note that A.Mamin visited the refinery during the current capital repair, started on 10 July. S. Danbai reported that the refinery is projecting reaching the planned capacity as early as by the end of the current month.

At the conclusion of the visit, the Head of Government wished the plant performance against all production figures and successful implementation of the initiated projects.