Company Strategy

According to the Development Strategy of JSC NC "KazMunayGas" until 2025, the mission of KazMunayGas is to ensure maximum benefits for the Republic of Kazakh­stan from participation in the development of the national oil-and-gas sector, which includes ensuring sustainable development.

Adhering to the sustainable development principles, KazMunayGas is striving to boost the value of the KazMunayGas Group of Companies, incre­ase the return on investment, and to deliver high-quality products and services.

Vision: Highly-efficient national oil-and-gas-producing and oil-and-gas-transportation company, meeting the highest safety and corporate governance standards.

Mission: Maximizing the profits of the Republic of Kazakhstan from participation in the development of the national petroleum industry through:

  • increasing the Company's value and ensuring return on investment;
  • focusing on the Kazakh oil and gas market, with looking into potential opportunities for business expansion in the near abroad;
  • providing a high level of financial soundness;
  • ensuring sustainable development.

Ambitions: Joining the ranks of the world's top 30 oil and gas companies in terms of oil and condensate commercial extraction.

Business values:

  1. Efficiency. The Company is striving to continuously improve its financial and production performance, enhance its management practices and technological solutions.
  2. Responsibility. The Company bears responsibility for all obligations to the shareholders, partners, staff and population.
  3. Professionalism. The Company is striving to make its employees more professional, providing the necessary working conditions and offering them opportunities for personal and professional development.
  4. Safety. The Company is striving to ensure occupational safety and environmental security, protection of the lives and health of its employees up to the global standards.

To ensure sustainable growth taking into account the external and internal environment factors, KazMunayGas will focus on the following three key proirities:

  1. Enhancing the company's short-term and mid-term financial standing though capital restrictions and improvement in the operational efficiency.
  2. Making the target business model of KazMunayGas with the privatization programme factored in.
  3. Strengthening the role of KazMunayGas as a key players of Kazakhstan's oil and gas sector.