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Production performance

Oil and gas condensate 11,08 million tons
Gas 2,49 billion cubic meters
  • 1923
  • 431
  • 3707
  • 830
  • 5674
  • 1267
  • 7554
  • 1663
  • 9320
  • 1939
  • 11080
  • 2490
Oil (million tons) Gas (million cubic meters)
Oil 31,05 million tons (land)
4,93 million tons (sea)
Gas 54,17 billion cubic meters
  • 5562
  • 562
  • 9847
  • 10435
  • 990
  • 17730
  • 16117
  • 1689
  • 26168
  • 21367
  • 2353
  • 33741
  • 25842
  • 4211
  • 45675
  • 31045
  • 4927
  • 54169
Oil transportation (thousand tons (land)) Oil transportation (thousand tons(sea)) Gas transportation (thousand tons)
Refining (consolidate) 6 722 thousand tons
AR 2 367 thousand tons
PKOP 1 205 thousand tons
KazMunayGas International N.V. 2 129 thousand tons
PPCP 2 426 thousand tons
  • 422
  • 176
  • 395
  • 422
  • 747
  • 327
  • 741
  • 759
  • 1107
  • 431
  • 1116
  • 1160
  • 1509
  • 468
  • 1519
  • 1610
  • 1941
  • 972
  • 1743
  • 2055
  • 2367
  • 1205
  • 2129
  • 2426
AR (thousand tons) PKOP (thousand tons) KazMunayGas International N.V. (thousand tons) PPCP (thousand tons)
ai80 89 tg.  
ai93 108 tg.  
ai95 119 tg.  
ai98 132 tg.  
dt 96 tg.  
dtz 132 tg.  
(Preliminary data for the I quarter of 2015)

KazTransGas JSC owns more than 10 thousand kilometers of main pipelines, 26 compressor stations at which 308 gas-compressor units are installed, 3 underground gasholders. KazTransGas owns shares and manages a group of gas, gas transport and energy companies, such as:

  • Intergas Central Asia JSC, an operator of the main gas transportation line;
  • KazTransGas Distribution JSC, engaged in sales of natural gas to enterprises, companies and population in the regions;
  • Zhambyl GRES (State District Power Station) named after T.I. Baturov (production, purchase, transfer, distribution and sales of electric and heat power);
  • KazTransGas LNG LLP, fulfilling the functions of an operator on natural gas treating and processing from the Zhanazhol field for Aktobe consumers;
  • Amangeldy Gas LLP, an operator of gas production and processing at the Amangeldy gas condensate field;
  • KyrKazGas LLC, a joint venture with KyrgyzGas JSC – operation and maintenance of sections of the “Bukhara gas-bearing region – Tashkent – Bishkek – Almaty” gas pipeline in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Almaty Power Consolidated JSC – production, purchase, transfer, distribution and sales of electric and heat power;
  • KMG-Energo JSC which carries out centralized operative-technical management of electric power stations and grids;
  • KazTransGas-Tbilissi JSC, which provides consumers with natural gas in Tbilissi;
  • Almaty Gas JSC which provides consumers with natural gas in Almaty.

Intergas Central Asia JSC occupies a monopolistic position in gas transportation. In 2006, the volume of gas transportation made up 121.38 billions cubic meters which exceeded the planned one by 1.6%.

Activity areas

Basic activity areas of KazTransGas Group:

  • Gas transportation via main gas pipelines and gas storage in underground gasholders (UGH);
  • Implementation of the state programs on development of gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Domestic transportation, export transportation, international transit of natural gas;
  • Gas transportation through distribution gas pipelines;
  • Realization of natural gas in domestic market;
  • Gas production and processing (KazTransGas JSC is the Contractor under the agreement of subsoil use in development of Amangeldi group of gas fields in Zhambyl region);
  • Generation and sale of electric energy.

Company Projects

«Central Asia-Center» main gas pipelines’ modernization project

«Central Asia-Center» main gas pipeline is the most significant gas pipeline according to technical and economic indices. Gas supply to consumers of Kazakhstan and international transit of Turkmen and Uzbek gas to Russia is carried out via it.

As predicted, by 2010 it is possible to increase volumes of gas transportation via system of gas pipelines «Central Asia-Center» up to 75 billion cubic meters. In order to provide transportation of predicted gas volume it is necessary to take cardinal measures on reconstruction and modernization of the gas pipeline system of the country and, first of all, the gas pipeline «Central Asia-Center». For the purpose of reconstruction, modernization and technical re-equipment of the gas pipeline system NC KazMunayGas JSC jointly with KazTransGas JSC developed trends of restoration and modernization of «Central Asia-Center» gas transport system which provide significant investments for securing effectiveness and safety of main gas pipelines operation.

Zhambyl GRES modernization

This project assumes modernization of the existing Zhambyl GRES (ZhGRES) to increase efficiency factor of equipment, to decrease the production prime cost and to produce electric energy which is competitive in the southern region of Kazakhstan.

In December 4, 2003, within the framework of the official visit of the Chancellor of Germany G.Schroeder in Kazakhstan the Memorandum of mutual understanding was signed between KazTransGas JSC and Siemens which defines cooperation principles for two companies under the modernization project.

Upon the results of developed justification of investments KazTransGas consults with NC KazMunayGas JSC and the Ministry of energy and mineral resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan for working-out of a decision on further development of the project feasibility study.

Construction of a turbo compressor workshop No4 of a gas-turbine plant at the «Opornaya» compressor station

Construction of a new turbo compressor workshop No4 at the «Opornaya» compressor station (CS) is planned in order to increase safety and throughput capacity of the «Central Asia-Center» main gas pipeline.

An agreement about loan involvement for construction of the turbo compressor workshop was signed between Intergas Central Asia JSC and two banks: HSBC Bank Plc and Citibank International Plc. Man Turbo AG (Germany) became the Contractor on designing, equipment supply, building and assembly works. The company is a manufacturer of necessary turbo compressor equipment and a special organization which fulfils commissioning and warranty service obligations.

In June 2005, the 1st stage of works was completed. As the result Man Turbo AG presented a project on investments justification. The 2nd stage includes supply of seven gas-pumping turbo compressor units, contract supervision and putting equipment into operation by Man Turbo AG specialists, supply of other equipment, construction works and overall «turnkey» assembly.

Contact information

010000, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana
20, Kabanbay Batyr ave.
Tel: +7 (7172) 591515,
Fax: +7 (7172) 977028, 977228, 977229;

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